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Small Business Owners

     A single person's account of a negative experience with your business can be equally destructive to your credibility.

Here's the Top Complaints And Percentages Customers Have With Most Small Business Owners!

The Company Takes Too Long To Respond (59%)

The Customer Service Rep Was Not Professional (81%)

The Staff Couldn't Do Much To Help Me (71%)

My Customer Service Provider Seemed Like a Novice (70%)

I Can't Talk To A Real Person (75%)

It Takes Too Many Calls To Resolve An Issue (66 %)

The Company Takes Too Long To Respond (59%)

The Customer Service Rep Was Not Professional (81%)

The Staff Couldn't Do Much To Help Me (71%)

My Customer Service Provider Seemed Like a Novice (70%)

















Characteristics of Great Customer Providers:


  • Positive Attitude

  • Good Listener

  • Persistent

  • Hard Worker

  • Truthful

  • Consistent




The things customers say to friends about a business often have a direct effect on its success. Imagine that you own a spa or an auto body shop, both kinds of businesses usually get new customers from word-of-mouth.


As an entrepreneur, what you do to make sure your reviews and comments were positive?

Small business owners everywhere know how important it is for customers to have a good experience. By going the extra mile to give good service and value, business owners are hoping their clients tell their friends. This kind of referral can be more effective than a television ad for increasing sales. Putting the customer first, with a policy of “the customer is always right”, goes a long way toward building a positive reputation.

Customer word-of-mouth has now taken to the Web with review sites such as, giving people the opportunity to air their opinions of a business to a wide audience. Savvy small business owners monitor these sites to see what their customers are saying.

Win Meadows

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*Onsite Training Available
*Proven Techniques
*More Focus Team
*Less Turnover
*Customer Complaints Limited
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               OUR GUARANTEE


My guarantee to you is to help you build your business by teaching you step by step techniques on how to deliver 5-star customer service by being relentless to build your people/ develop your process/ deliver a great product.

These are the same principles day in and day out for the last years that have enabled me to contribute to my community, my family, and to the world on a much larger scale.

Maybe You're Hearing The Same Complaints and Concerns In Your Business....I know there was a time in mine that I Did.

Let's just face the facts, sometimes with all we're dealing with in a day, the calls, managing the crew, supplies and our own sanity, (whew) we all have lost sight sometimes on the most important commodity in our business which is Our Customer Satisfaction!


Understandable but let's fix it....

Before the Internet changed the way in which we interact with customers, businesses could keep a fairly firm grasp on their relationships with them. Happy customers kept on buying while unhappy customers would call a dedicated hotline, write a letter to the company, or grumble quietly to their friends and coworkers. The did not have the ability to broadcast their discontent to hundreds, thousands, or millions of people in a matter of minutes.




Astounding Numbers!



What is the secret to great customer service?

       From Apple to American Express, from Southwest to the Ritz-Carton, top-service companies have studied their customers' needs and put them at the center of their corporate culture.

Everyone of their employees is ready to go out of his/her way to make the customers' experience the best it can be. If You and Your Team Can Get Completely Focused On The Bread and Butter Of Your Business, The Sky Wouldn't Even Be The Limit To Your Success! THAT'S THE SECRET SAUCE YOU NEED TO IMPLEMENT IN YOUR BUSINESS ASAP!

You and your team that interact with customers would benefit greatly with our e-book "Since Customers Are Your Bread and Butter ". Whether you meet your clients face-to-face, work as an in-house customer service representative, you will benefit from our advice on how-to-deal with difficult people, sort out knotty situations, and handle awkward interactions with grace-making every customer glad she does business with you.

You will learn what to say when a customer calls up with an angry complaint or demands to talk to a supervisor. You'll discover how to defuse tension, and how to make him feel that you care about his predicament. You will learn the general rules for thinking about your business's customer service, and the many ways to listen to and empathize with clients while you work toward mutually beneficial solutions.

Hi, I'm Winford Meadows and as you can hear, I'm serious about giving customer excellent service. Every customer and your business need what I've written in this book.

If you're frustrated with your overall customer service and the reviews show it, the answer you need is in our E-book "Since Customers are Your Bread and Butter "

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