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  O Taste and See

O Taste and See is a division of It's a Win-Win Catering, LLC geared to delivering our chefs' talent for great tasting food to your dinner table quick and easy.

Our Executive Chef and culinary staff proudly serve many weddings, office parties and personal home dinners in the Low Country and have heard the request of many to purchase those delectable meals for their families, so O Taste and See was designed for busy people who love great food.

We invite you to settle in for a culinary journey, as our tenured team lead taste buds through a series of wonderful dishes. Drawing inspiration from the bounty of the Low Country, local flavors are enhanced through a global lens, showcasing our Southern would with contemporary flair.

So now, just order, pickup and set the table.... we'll take care of the rest!

We've handled the shopping, the prep and the cooking, so pick it up and get ready to Whoosah!  Bon appetite!