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Disasters strike at a moment’s notice. And while your team is prepared to help with the infrastructure, the victims, and the community—we’re here to serve your team. Lineman, first responders, front-line medical workers, emergency operators, and city project managers all know what they must do to help Charleston recover in a disaster situation. We’ll ensure they’re fueled and energized with healthy, hot meals morning, noon, and night with rapidly deployed emergency catering services. Our state-of-the-art mobile kitchen equipment is self-sufficient, so we won’t take away any resources from your team. We’ll only help in a time of need!



Hurricanes, tropical storms, global pandemics—none of these tragic events can be predicted. And they require swift action and effective project managers to ensure all the relief workers and essential employees on the ground have what they need to serve efficiently and safely. Part of that is making sure they’re fed, and that’s where It's a Win-Win Catering can help. Our disaster relief catering services are always available and can be mobilized at a moment’s notice to help serve our communities.

Disaster Relief Catering on a Dime

Our It's a Win-Win Catering team has skilled project managers, talented chefs, and expert service teams who are well-equipped and trained to cater in disaster situations. These are only a few of the emergency catering scenarios we can assist in:

Hurricane Response

Living in Charleston is a blessing. But with that comes the expectation that you’re going to see a few hurricanes. Hurricane disaster response teams work day and night to rebuild our homes, schools, and communities after hurricanes in Charleston. And we’ll make sure they’re eating nutritious, delicious, and hot meals for as long as recovery efforts last.

Police & Military Response

While no one ever wants to be in a scenario where military and police presence is needed urgently, things happen in major cities like Charleston. We can provide emergency catering for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, for as long as the service is required.

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