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We're looking for passionate drivers that live in the Low Country Area or a neighboring city and would like to join our team to deliver food all across the Low Country.

Send resume to       Attention: Cory Rhodes



Enjoy cooking or have a special recipe that the world needs to taste? Well then come join us! We're looking for talented chefs all the time! 

Servers: Do you possess a great smile and a sense of urgency and excitement to serve our guest?

Send resume to      Attention:  Chef Win Meadows

Hey! We would love to add YOU to our team! :) 

We are nice people that are looking for nice & professional people to add to our team!



1. Must have a valid license

2. Must drive your own vehicle and be responsible for your own fuel cost. 

3. Be comfortable driving 150km - 250km+ per day (As we deliver all over the Low Country) 

4. Must live in Low Country or a neighboring city 

Job description: 

You will be responsible to deliver up 10 - 20+ orders from our location located in the Low Country and then delivery each one (most efficient route will be given to you), at place of delivery you must call or text customer to let them know their food has been successfully delivered. 

Drivers Timing: 

Pick up time is at 3555 Dorchester Road; North Charleston and most days deliveries will be done between 4PM - 7 PM. 

We're looking for someone who can work Wednesday-Friday. 

How & how much will you be paid:

You will be paid weekly for total number of hours worked.  This job pays $18-$19/hr.

(Disclaimer - you must use your own vehicle and pay for your own gas)

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