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         My story of cooking takes me back to my early days of growing up in Eden, NC. My mom (Esther Meadows) initially taught me what I know about cooking from the heart. Mom would cook for seemingly every church event and make sure everyone was fed well.  So, we had the opportunity to see the best in action. 

          I'm the baby boy of eight children.  Mom worked at a local mill from 7 am – 3pm daily, afterward she would come home and cook and then travel to another local home to cook their dinner. Very challenging!

        One evening as she was cooking at the house she said: Win, I'm going to teach you how to marinate meat at night and then prepare dinner for the family when you come in from school. Terrified yet excited, I did it.

       To fast forward to today in business with It’s a Win-Win Catering, that desire to make sure every client receives the best quality and quantity of fantastic food with great customer service at a great price is our driving force and would make Mom happy!

         In 2014, after running businesses in Greensboro, NC, and pastoring a church there, I was directed by God to move to Charleston, SC. (Modern day Abraham) with nothing but my clothes, bibles, and books. Upon coming I met my beautiful wife and the company’s Executive Chef T (a force alone by herself in the kitchen learning from her Granny B).

         One day while sitting in a local Chinese restaurant conversing with Chef on how to make my mark in Charleston, the Lord spoke to her and said what's in His hands. She asked me and responded, I thought this and that, but nothing triggered until I started talking about what Mom had taught me. That was the launching pad for what has given us the credibility in this wonderful city of foodies for over 4 years.

          From then to now, we have blended our styles of cooking, the 5-star element that I learned from working at the Belmond Charleston Place and the Low Country explosion of flavors oozing from the fingertips of Chef T, shares with each client our purposed intentions to serve with excellence.

          From our tastings that are really meals, to the actual reception, backyard event, personal chef experience…our desire to simply WOW each event is shown in our presentation with our 5-star professionals, meticulously focus on details and the smile that you never have to pay for!

Chef Win and Chef T Meadows

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