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   We Take Pleasure In The Opportunity To Wow You!

Here's the most common Complaints about caterers that we make sure you won't find with It's a Win-Win Catering, LLC.  
1)Food Simply not on point
2)The presentation was pathetic
3) Food quantities were wrong
4)The price was too high.  

Certainly we're not perfect but our dedication to 5-star Customer Service may suggest we are!
The answer to those chaotic moments is to simply Hire the Real Deal (It's a Win-Win Catering, LLC)
We take pleasure to accommodate your upcoming event with
 Great Food cooked with Love, Competitive Pricing that suits your budget, a presentation that you will be proud to display and a 5-Star Team of Professionals dedicated to WOW you!
Whether its a Wedding, Corporate Event , Church Anniversary (
Listen to the Win-Win Catering Church Announcement below)  or a private setting, we're ready to serve your event with service that will make you say... Now that was a Win-Win!

Just Fill in the Inquiry Form below and your event is moments away from a Win-Win!
We guarantee, Chef Win Meadows


Look at what we offer at your event:


Linen draped buffet for serving

Hors d'oeuvre table display

Beverage and Coffee table display


All flatware such as forks and knives

Trash cans and clean-up supplies for load out


Heating and cold transit cabinets

Jack stands, all kitchen small wares, bowls & coffee urns

Disposable utensils and plates as needed

Chafing dishes & fuel

and a 5-star Team of Professionals


Water & Lemonade beverage station for guest prior to the event

Complimentary Wedding cake cutting and dessert table setup for client-provided desserts

Catering trash removal and disposal per venue's requirement

Picking up rental plates and glasses (Additional Cost)

and a 5-star team of Professionals

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The Buffet

Our Buffet style menus are complete with everything needed to create a stylish Buffet.  We supply free of charge- Chafing dishes with serving pieces to match your event.  We include Black Buffet table linen and skirting.

Larger Buffets are setup double sided to ensure quick service, if needed. We dismiss the guest tables to the buffet adding a touch of class and avoiding lines. Guests go through a beautifully decorated buffet line and choose whatever and however much food they like.

Per CDC and Dhec standards, all PPE protocols are enforced by wearing mask, utilizing sanitizer, wearing gloves and providing sneeze guards to protect the food.

 **Complimentary vendor meals and drinks for all vendors including DJ, photo, video and planners.

Mama said, Make it Reasonable!


Our process is quick and efficient:

1) Fill in the Inquiry Form below to get your quote
2) Receive a call and Menu/Contract very quickly
3) Schedule your Tasting 
4) Pay Deposit to Secure The Date 
5) You've Got the Caterer of Choice


Now, Send me Your Menu...

Your Chef need the following information from the list below to send you a quote:

(2) Hors D'oeuvres

(2) Entrees

(3) Sides

Tab down and submit the Inquiry Form!


Choose (2) Hors D'oeuvres 

BLT Bruschetta 

Caprese Skewers 

Mini Spring Rolls

Ham/Turkey Pinwheels

Mini Crab Cakes

Shrimp/Grits Shooters

Fresh Fruit Kabobs

Spinach Artichoke Dip

Italian Meatball Tasters

Assorted Cheese Tray and Crackers 

Mini Corn Muffins with Pimento Cheese

Fresh Vegetables with Ranch

Wraps-Turkey/Roast Beef/Veggies


       (Select 2 Entrees)


Pulled Pork, Beef or Chicken in our Selected BBQ Sauce

Golden Fried Chicken or Baked Chicken

Honey Ham-Lightly Smoked, Glazed in Honey-Citrus Glaze

Pot Roast- Chuck Roast with Carrots & Caramelized Onions

                    served with

********Mashed Potatoes/Gravy- Fancy Green Beans-Sweet Corn***********


       (Select 2 Entrees)



Chicken Cordon Bleu-Buttermilk Crusted with Ham, Swiss

Chicken Marsala-Breast with Fresh Mushrooms in Creamy Sauce

Pepper Steak-Beef Tips with Bell Peppers with Onions and Mushrooms

Marinated Flank Steak- flavorful blend of soy sauce and Red Wine

Traditional Stuffed Chicken-stuffed with Bread Stuffing& Sauteed

                         served with:

********Gouda Macaroni/Cheese-Yellow Rice-Roasted Asparagus**************



       (Select 3 Entrees)



Sliced Beef Top Sirloin-Choice Beef Slow Roasted, Medium

Beef Short Ribs- Beef Slow Roasted with Demi Glaze

Prime Rib-served in au jus with fresh herbs & peppers/onions

New York Strip Steaks-USDA Beef served in Au jus sauce

Grilled Wild Pacific Salmon-Champagne Sauce

Chicken Fontina-Breast Stuffed with Fresh Spinach/Cream Sauce

Bacon Wrapped Chicken

Jumbo Lump Crab Cake- topped with our zesty Remoulade

Low Country Boil- corn, sausage, shrimp, potatoes in mild seasoning

                 served with:

*******Low Country Red Rice-Roasted Red Potatoes-Collard Greens***********

 ALL Buffets come standard with a Spring Mix Salad, served with 3 salad dressings, Hawaiian Rolls , Sweet Tea or Unsweetened, Lemonade and Water (Coffee upon request)

Additional/Substitutional Sides 

Wild Rice Pilaf

Rice Pilaf

Dirty Rice

White Rice

Brown Rice

Green Bean Alfredo

Fancy Green Beans

Steamed Broccoli

Hush Puppies

Grilled Vegetable Platter

Baked Beans

Candied Yams

Lima Beans

Fried Cabbage

Orange Glazed Baby Carrots



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Letter From Our Team

We know hiring a catering company is a big and very personal decision, so here’s a bit we want you to know about our dedication here at It's a Win-Win Catering, LLC
Our name says it all—in the Low Country, we are proud of our fresh local food and high creative output. It’s simply why we live here, work here, and love it here.

Because we daily see opportunities to take catering to a new level and meet the high expectations of each of our clients, we are always true to the service we provide. Our clients with refined palates know when they are getting the real thing, so we strive to always provide it.

Catering also allows us to expand beyond the confines of restaurants. We get to cook and deliver great food in different settings and venues and explore ingredients and techniques.

Coming from high-end restaurants, we understand—and demand—quality food and service. We are craftsmen who cook from scratch, whether for an intimate gathering of friends, or for a big, boisterous wedding.

We work well with all kinds of clients, but we love when our clients share ideas and brainstorm possibilities with us. If you are open to collaboration, and trust us to use our years of combined experience and knowledge to make the food and service shine, we promise to deliver a high-quality dining experience for your event.

Why choose us? Because we offer more than just food and white napkins, we love what we do and treat every event as a creative endeavor. Everything we produce is crafted with love and personalized for YOU and your event. We don’t do generic, corporate, or cookie cutter. We don’t replicate the same old thing everyone else does. Even though we offer sample menus, you’re not just picking dishes off a list when you work with us. We collaborate with you to give you the best possible food to match and complement your occasion and make it special.

We hope this gives you a better idea of who we are and what we can do for you. Fill in the Inquiry Form below and we’d love to opportunity to work with you.

Bon appétit!

Contact Us Now

5600 Rivers Avenue,   

N. Charleston, SC 29406 



Please fill in the Inquiry Form below with all your desires. Once I receive, I will call you immediately!  
             Chef Win Meadows

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